Turtle Lake and Details © Photographer Azra Bihorac

Icons by Freepik and Flat Icons via Flaticon.com.

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Since the very conception of Lady Blue publishing, this mantra permeated every idea, every creative process, and every end result. We sought to design a publication focused on the beauty of the English language in all its unique and captivating variations.

Our submitters latched onto our quest for elegance, sending us a magnificent portfolio of writing and artwork with representation and readership from around the globe. The product of these efforts is contained in the pages you are about to see, where you'll find an alluring mix of poetry, prose, and photography that will charm and intrigue you all the same.

It is with equal parts honor and pride that we present to you the first edition of the Lady Blue Literary Arts Journal. We hope you find yourself as captivated by its diversity and enchanted by its elegance as we ourselves are.

View on Issuu.com or as a PDF.