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À la Plage avec Thomas by Grayson R. Pitts


Grayson has just finished a teaching contract in the Alps. His fourteen-hour work days are over, the summer is waning, and a sealed envelope with 4k Swiss Franc follows him out of the mountains to Rimini, a beach town on the East Italian coast. There he meets up with his new girl, Tessa. They pour into the night life, sleep on the beach, and fall into the circle of a world-famous DJ. When the high ends, the ambiguity of their relationship is revealed, leaving Grayson to make sense of the situation and his own shortcomings, but not without the help of a new friend. A beautifully crafted treatise on self-reflection, À la Plage avec Thomas is a memoir on modern love, trying to do the right thing, and the incessant ache that gnaws at the heart of every lonely person—to know and be known, completely.


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