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Take Acid, Ladies

July 7, 2017

We knew it was wrong. Of course we did. 


But the jar was there, just sat in front of us. Filled with smiles. Or more accurately, so it turned out, filled with hallucinogenic chemicals. Since those early days of hedonism, back when we were young, neither of us had had any contact with what would actually be defined as drugs, other than Advil, Paracetamol or Antihistamine. None of which counted.  


Who knew what the kids of today were dabbling in? 


Yet here it was, Josephine’s son’s secret stash. And here we were, two middle-aged ladies with a red wine habit and a distinctly empty calendar of the future.  


We placed the little circles of happiness on our tongues, and waited. 


“When was the last time you thought the trees were alive with colour and music?” Josephine asked. 


Circa 1969 I thought. But instead I said out loud “Your Tommy is a pretty wimpy specimen. If he can handle this, then we old vixens will need double!” 


I placed another tab on my tongue, and felt it dissolve into the pink muscle. 


But the giggles left me hollow inside. They reminded me of adventures unventured. They failed, completely, to mask the responsibilities of husband, teenagers, job. The things we fill our lives with to make us worthwhile. A tear threatened to form. 


I remember thinking at this exact point how much more enjoyable a shield from life acid could be than all the others we try. What are we doing subduing the disenchantment of middle age with Valium and Diazepam, when there’s the potential to have a thousand drum beats dancing on your tongue, fizzing through your veins like the rippling light through leaves and sending bold visions of colour across your mind. Take acid, ladies—feel the little dragon in the power of the East, return to Eden, unleash your inner child, and lose yourself in the night. 

About the Author

Francesca Baker is a word lover, book geek, and literary enthusiast. Researcher by day, she’s also a keen wordsmith, dabbling in journalism, and she runs writing workshops and arts events to encourage and inspire others. Armed with pencils, coffee, headphones, and a spring in her step, she likes to explore and scribble her way through life. Visit her website at www.andsoshethinks.co.uk or follow her on Twitter.



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