Turtle Lake and Details © Photographer Azra Bihorac

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July 6, 2017

this is the ground.

you stand here atop the soil of dinosaurs,

grains sown from the scattered remains

of brine and Babel.

you are no less than millions

of earth-particles of flurried moments—

pastel elephants crookedly strung on a mobile,

blades of grass pressed flat by sprinkler showers,

vanilla leaking against a criss-crossed cone.


and when the floods come, reach up to catch

the sadness and let it roll deep down

to the underneath, where the chocolate-rich

warmth of these roots will comfort,

and hush,

and heal.


this is your ground.

this is your starting point.

About the Author


Vivian Tsai studies computer science and applied math at Johns Hopkins University. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief of Zeniada, an intercollegiate literary magazine. When she's not busy battling writer's block, she's probably reading, playing the piano, or doing puzzles with friends. 


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